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The Training Courses for Beginners, Students, professionals & any Enthusiast

For Beginners

If you are amateur or beginner in Art Creations, Painting, Drawing, Sketching, Photography, Photo editing, Collage Making etc. then this can be sure for you. One Month Complete training to rise & uplift your talent & potential in your respective realm to dominate the game of life in your style.

For Professionals

If you want to get training in such ambiance which can give you live training experience of the field as well as make you reach to make the job & earn such a Technology and Talent which can be breadwinner factor for you for a lifetime at the individual level. If so then Pixel Design Arts is for you.

Offered Courses

We have Two modules to serve you that is Graphic & Web(UI/UX) Design, where you will be trained to develop your own web project after going through training and proper industry oriented workflow to become successful Designer in Graphic and Web(UI/UX) Field.

Graphic Design:
Graphic Design is Most Creative Course for the Right-Brained People who love to do creative stuff like Art Creation, Sketching, Painting, Drawing, Photo Editing, Photo Manipulation, Double Exposure etc. Here you will be trained for the Logo Design, 3D Design, Product design, Package Design, Color theory, Color Schemes, Design for communication to become complete & full fledged Graphic Designer.

The complete Web Design Training Course right from scratch level to advance level where you will be trained from Wireframe Design to complete the Project level of the individual trainee. Where you will have your own website at the end of the training period. So this is the mission for us to make you stand at your own strength.

Beginner/Amateur Courses:
If you are the Art loving Right-Brained Person and love to work with creative stuff like Picture Editing, Collage Making, Painting, Sketching, Art creation then absolutely this training is for you. We have a one-month course to train your creative domain where you will be trained in your skill at the highest level. If you wish to come for a demo then absolutely fine.


    We are the Team of Design Loving People who want to research & develop over the solutions of problems in the Graphic & Web (UI/UX) Design Industry. At the same time, we are passionately curious about sharing the knowledge to the Designing Aspirants.


    We are on the Mission to serve Updated Advance Technology & Knowledge in the Graphic Design & Web(UI/UX) Design Field to produce the Best Potential holding Performers in the Design Industry.


    To develop Creative Space & Ambience which will blend the Technology & Design with an Aesthetic Touch of Art & Elegance in order to produce Phenomenal results.

Meet Our Team

We have built Pixel Design Arts with Patience, Passion & Love.


What Our Students Say About the Trainer:


Sainikhil Goud

Talking about Sumit Sir, he is an awesome personality having the best quality of training experience as well as work experienced in the related fields who helped and share us a lot about Web Designing & Graphics Designing. Thank you, sir.

UI/UX Designer at Delfers Business Solutions PVT. LTD. Hyderabad

Pooja Avula

I learned not through books, rather by the Trainer's dedication, experience, creativity and by their motivations to the students..where I enjoyed learning...and the great platform to reach our goal in a very simple and enjoyable way...Sumit Sir....one of the best sirs...teaches for the lifetime...I am the one of the luckiest one...who learned  Photoshop from him.

Graphic Designer at Eigertech Knowledge Services, Hyderabad

Kavita Varma

I choose to learn from the best when it comes to learning Photoshop. Sumit Sir is that person. He's skillful, humble, passionate, training from personal experiences and excited to show you the way. What he teaches you will help you to improve your Creativity and to acquire the skill not just during the course, but beyond.

Managing Director at The Blended Threads, Hyderabad

Asad Khan

I would like to thank Sumit Sir for facilitating us and guiding us with his knowledge and skills.. I think Sumit Sir have a great teaching style to understand students and helping them with a friendly and easy way. So overall, I had a fun and enriching time to learn from him. Thank you very much.

UI Developer at Web Gen World Hyderabad

Deepika Singh

Photoshop is something which gives a new outlook to the designer with a Creative Mind. It was great learning Photoshop under Sumit Sir Guidance. He made the whole learning process very simple and also ensured that we understand each and every step of it in a proper manner. He taught us new techniques through which learning Photoshop had become a lot of fun. Lastly, I like to conclude that Sumit Sir is a very humble person.

Placed at Uber Eats, Hyderabad.

Santosh Gaddam

I am so grateful that Sumit Sir took me under his wing when I first started my web designing. Your leadership and example have helped me grow into my potential. I would not be where I am today without you. Thank you for showing me how to stand my ground and have the kind of career that I can be proud of. I count myself lucky for having had your mentorship. Thank you, Sir.

UI Developer at iNative Tech Solutions PVT LTD, Hyderabad

Nishta Agarwal

An inspiring trainer, who doesn't only teach photoshop but also other important aspects of life. That is Sumit Sir. My last training class with him didn't seem like an end to photoshop, it felt like the beginning of something new.
He gave challenging tasks in every class trying to make it more interesting. Before we even gathered doubts, he used to clear all of them. I really respect and admire him from the bottom of my heart.
He taught us that there is never an end to learning and that it is never too late.
Designing Enthusiast Graduate from Hyderabad

Supriya Kumari

As I was interested in Graphic Design, I got trained by Sir, Sumit Mungale, under his guidance I learned Photoshop and Illustrator.
Photoshop and Illustrator are huge software but under good instructions, it can be made easy and fun.
Today, I am working in a good company (Genpact) and with my hard work and skills which Sir has taught, uprooting me as a Professional Graphic Designer.
Graphic Designer at Genpact

Mahima Jain

Sumit Sir is not only my Mentor but also a role model for me. He is one of the Brilliant Sirs. His Training Skills are amazing. I have learned my Graphic Design from Sumit Sir and now because of that, I am very confident about the usage of the tools used in Graphic Designing. He is one of the wonderful Sirs I met till now.

Graphic Designer & VFX Trainee at Hyderabad

Mrunal Jadhav

I had the pleasure of being taught Photoshop by Sumit Sir at the start of my VFX Course in Image. he is an inspirational teacher, he gave me the confidence. He has a magic of creativity. His classes were calm, well disciplined, friendly vibe and immensely useful. He truly cared about the quality of knowledge he is providing. He is an amazing teacher, I will never forget him for the guidance he has given to me and all I have learned from him.

VFX Compositer at Map systems, Banglore

Priyanka Salve

Sumit Sir was an exceptional teacher to me. He created a friendly and lively environment making his class fun. He was organized and always planned tasks for us that helped us understand his subject well. He had good communication skills which made it easy for us to grasp the topic. He was very inspirational and that will always stay with me. This training left a positive impression on my life. Thanks to Sumit sir.

Designer & Trainer at Excellent Multimedia, Pune

KVLN Murthy

Since I had no background in Photoshop yet I feel more comfortable in knowing what tools are presented and how they can be utilized. Sumit Sir did a very good job in presenting and displayed patience throughout the course. His background knowledge in the Art, Color, Lighting, etc...hugely helpful! His Real-World experience provide credibility. Highly recommended.

Territory Manager, Pearson Education Group, Hyderabad

Nandita Bansal

Every student wishes to have a teacher who can bring out the best in them along with having in-depth knowledge about the subject. Personally speaking, Sumit Sir has motivated me to do my best and explore my hidden talent. He never gives up on any student and makes sure that the subject is clear to everyone even if he has to repeat it twice Or thrice. I'm very lucky to have a teacher like him who guides me with everything.

Freelance Designer at Hyderabad

Anushka Deepak

A Good Trainer is one who gives you lessons for a lifetime more than the subject. Sumit Sir is one of them! I've had the privilege of learning from a man who was just not doing his job but was following his Heart and Passion.

Sumit Sir is a wonderful Teacher, a learned Mentor. Learning from him has been a great experience. To me, Graphic Designing means his classes and everything else after that. Cheers!!
Graphic Designer, Photographer & Pursuing Masters st Chennai

Prem Sagar Vallala

Graphic Design is an Artistic and Creative field. It is an emerging field and to start this career many aspirants are taking up Graphic Design Course. The Graphic Design Course taught by Sumit Sir, how to create impactful visuals for communication, how to incorporate various elements like texts, images, and symbols to create designs that are used for various purposes like branding, web design and logos. Thank You Sumit Sir for the information.

Professional Photographer at Hyderabad